Lego revealed the results of the latest Ideas review today, this is for all the submitted sets that received 10,000 votes between January and May 2016. The winner, and I can’t quite believe it, was the Old Fishing Store.

I wrote about the sets from this review earlier in the year, remarking at the time how much I loved the Old Fishing Store, and my interest hasn’t waned. Not only is it essentially a modular building, which is probably my favourite kind of Lego, but it’s also a very different kind of Ideas set. Along with the Saturn V, which was confirmed in the last review, it’s further proof that Lego are willing to do pretty much anything with the Ideas range. That makes it much more interesting, because it’s a lot harder to guess what they might pick next.

The next review results are due early next year, with the sets below up for review. The Addams Family Mansion, Merchant’s House and Modular Construction Site all look great, but I think the Observatory will win. Let’s wait and see if I’m right.

Lego Ideas Early 2017

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