This is a 620 piece set that retails for ¬£59.99 in the UK, or $59.99 in the USA, which makes it 9.7p per piece. It’s one of the many sets for The Angry Birds Movie that were released by Lego earlier this year.

I put this one together (because Noah is more interested in playing with them than building them at this point) and it’s a nice little build. There’s nothing too taxing about it, the most difficult part for me was threading the rope for the hook on the back, and the finished ship has a nice design. It’s a bit on the small side, but I may be a bit bias because I liked the giant ship from The Lego Movie so much.

There are four included minifigures, Red, Bomb, Leonard and Pirate Piggy. Two Angry Birds and two pigs. I use the term “minifigure” loosely, because while they have Lego hands, they’re all just one piece (with the exception of the pirate hat). That means there’s no opportunity to mix and match and build your own birds and pigs, which seems like a missed opportunity.

Lego Angry Birds Red

Lego Angry Birds Bomb

Lego Angry Birds Leonard

Lego Angry Birds Pirate Piggy

There’s plenty features to play with, including a rope net for carrying the captured eggs, hooks at the back and front (one of which lowers), side doors and a trap door on deck for hiding items in, and even a separate trebuchet¬†model for chucking the birds at the ship. Any child that’s a fan of Angry Birds will find lots to enjoy here.

My biggest complaint is the cost. At almost 10p per piece it is neither the cheapest, nor most expensive set out there, especially if you’re into the Lego super hero range. But there’s something about Noah having spent his own money on this that makes me more sensitive to the price than normal.

I wouldn’t suggest that anybody rush out and buy this one, but Amazon UK have it for 25% off, so if there’s an Angry Birds fan in your life, they could probably do a lot worse.

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