Lego Creator 31048 Lakeside Lodge Review

Lego Lakeside Lodge Front

I’ll admit it, I have a soft spot for Lego buildings. My favourite sets are probably the modular range, and I always wish they made them larger and more elaborate.

Lakeside Lodge is of course the complete opposite of that, it’s a 368 piece set that has an RRP of only £19.99, but which Amazon are currently selling for £15.99. At the official price, that’s just 5.4p per piece, and at the Amazon price that’s close to 4.3p. Considering that some of the Star Wars sets are more like 10-15p, and even sometimes close to 20p, this is not only a great value build, but a good way to get some cheap pieces for your own builds in the future.

The model includes the house, a single male minifigure with blue top and beige legs, and a moose. Yes. You read that correctly. A moose. It’s also a 3-in-1 Creator set, which means there instructions for three variations of the house, the one in the box and another two available from the Lego website. I only built the main model, so I can’t talk much about the others, but the build process was very straightforward. It’s aged for 7-12, but a competent builder of younger than that could probably manage without too much difficulty. Since this is a house, you’re literally using these as bricks, so they go together very quickly and easily.

It’s a very similar set to the 31025 Mountain Hut that came out a couple of years ago, and both of them were definitely cut from the same cloth. They each have the same colour palette, and they also both open up on a hinge so you can see the detail inside.

Lego Lakeside Lodge Open

I have that other set too, and I’m interested in the possibilities in combining the two of them together on a larger baseplate, extending the water, and putting a forest or flower field between the two of them. A mountain range at one side and the sea at the other. The upcoming 31051 Lighthouse Point could be a further extension of that.

This kind of set is easily overlooked in a sea of Star Wars and Super Hero releases, but the value proposition is just so much better here I can’t help but recommend it. The play proposition is definitely there too, especially if you’ve got a few other minifigs, with plenty of opportunity to combine it with other sets like the 4×4 with Powerboat we reviewed, or any camping or outdoor related sets and turn it into a real holiday cabin near the lake.

Yes I like Lego buildings, and this one is no different. Now can we have some larger and more elaborate ones please?

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