Lego launch new Remake feature

Remake Logo

We all know you can build anything you want out of Lego, and we know that the sets you buy can be repurposed into other things. But let’s be honest, we could all do with a little inspiration. That’s why Lego has launched a new feature on their site called “Remake” which provides fan created instructions on how to turn your existing sets into something new.

There’s not many builds available¬†at the moment, and all of them are based on smaller Lego City sets, but what is there is presented with high quality instructions and part information. If you have any of the sets involved, this could be a good resource, and I hope to see them grow it quickly.

Compared to Rebrickable, which¬†has similar goals, this is a very basic set of pages and unlikely to challenge that resource for AFOLs. But for kids, or those who like the simplistic approach, it’s nice to see Lego themselves giving it a shot.

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