Full Size Lego Car Actually Drives


This is one of those things that I thought I’d posted already, but hadn’t, because I saw it in so many places.

Lego (crazies that they are) built a full size Bugatti Chiron out of Lego Technic. It has over a million pieces, doesn’t use any glue, and is over 90% Lego (the wheels/tyres are real, and there’s a small steel frame). Most amazing is it actually drives, powered by 2,304 Lego Power Functions motors it has a theoretical top speed of 18mph (they haven’t quite tried to go that fast yet) even though it weighs 1500kg. Even the spoiler works, moving up and down through a Technic pneumatic system.

All in, it took over 13,000 human hours to build, and proves that with enough time and skill, you really can build anything out of Lego.

See how it was made with this video…

And check out more of the photos…

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