11 Foot Long Modular Lego Spaceship

LL2016 Full

I like finding Lego creations that make you realise your own building skills are just inadequate. That house you were able to build with a baseplate and some random colours? That car you built which was more like a plank with four wheels? Those are nothing compared to what a real builder can do – an 11 foot long spaceship with full interior lighting and a modular structure that allows it be transported (or modified) easily.

LL2016 Floor

The builder is Mark Neumann, and what I continue to find most amazing about creations like this is that I don’t know how they even start to make something of that scale. That’s my own personal mission over the coming years.

LL2016 Dark

Having an 11 foot space to put something that size would also be great. Be sure to look at the full selection of photographs on Flickr, including the video overview.

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