Lego Yellow Submarine and Saturn V are Coming Soon

Yellow Submarine Lego

The Lego Ideas blog announced today that they have picked the winners from the third review of 2015. This time there were two winners (sometimes there aren’t any) and both sets look like great choices.

The first one is the Saturn V, continuing Lego’s successful series of space themed models. Hopefully they can keep the scale of the original fan submission, which was a little over 1m high! That’s crazy tall for an official Lego set, but it’s the only way to do the size of the real thing justice.

Saturn V Lego

The second winner was this Beatles Yellow Submarine (pictured above). For all the Beatles fans out there, this is a treat, especially since it should come with Lego minfig versions of the Fab Four. Definitely a fan display model for the older AFOL.

Release date and pricing still unannounced, we’ll have to wait later in the year for that. And of course both these photos are just the fan models, we’ll need to wait and see what Lego does with them when turning them into real production sets.

Lots of models obviously were rejected, including the Victorian London Christmas that I liked so much. Not really a surprise, but still disappointing nonetheless.

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