Cheaply Displaying a Growing Collection of Minifigs


Every Lego fan knows the problem – you start buying the collectable minifig series, you buy a bunch of sets which come with minifigs, and before you know it – you have a big pile of figures that need displaying.

But how do you do it? And how do you do it cheaply?

There are plenty of stores on eBay selling Ikea frames modified with mounting points, but if you have a lot of figures, they not only take up a lot of wall space, but at £60-£70 per frame the costs add up quickly too.

What I’ve gone for, as you can see in the photo above, is a combination of a large baseplate (£12.99), some 2×2 plates (10p each, so £7.20 per board), and some 3M Command Strips (2 packs, £6).

The baseplate could be any size, but I went for the larger one just for space efficiency, but you could use the smaller size depending on how many minifigs you have. I also went for grey, because I think it makes the figs themselves stand out more.

You can get 72 standard minifigs on a single baseplate, which means you need 72 2×2 plates. At 10p each, that means £7.20, but if you can get them via the Pick a Brick Wall at your local Lego store, you might be able to do better than that if you can cram them in a cup (and they cram in well). If you have a lot of baseplates and figures to mount, you’ll likely save a lot by doing that.

Finally, to mount it on the wall, 2 packs of large 3M Command Strips. You’ll get two mounts in each pack, and that then let’s you put one in each corner on the back of the board. That’ll give you a max weight allowance of 7.2Kg, which is plenty when 72 figs will only weigh about 288grams, and the baseplate is 218g. To be honest, you could probably get away with one pack of command strips – but I’m being overly cautious.

That means a final price of just £26.19, or £23.19 if you’re not as worried as me about them falling off the wall.

The downside? Dust. The advantage of putting them in a frame is that they’ll be better protected from the elements, and you won’t have to clean them quite so often. On the other hand, the £50 you’ll save per frame will not only allow you to buy some cleaning equipment (compressed air perhaps), but also let you buy even more minifigs.

I started with all this…

And finished with this…