The Lego Batman Movie Character Reveals

Lego Batman Movie Robin

USA Today have posted a number of stills from the upcoming Lego Batman Movie which is being discussed at San Diego Comic-Con this week. The photos show a new design for both Robin and Joker, which probably means we can also expect new minifigures to go along with the movie. Below are some of the best photos…

Robin is wearing a set of lenses which make his eyes look huge, which I’m looking forward to seeing on the minifig version. Will they be able to make tiny lenses that do? He’s also wearing a very sparkly gold cape, which seems to be getting in Batman’s way.

Lego Batman Movie Robin and Batman

Apparently the Joker now has sharp teeth…

Lego Batman Movie Joker

Harley Quinn is also in this one, although it’s hard to see what she looks like, it’s not the same as the existing minifig version.

Lego Batman Movie Scene

Visit the USA Today site for all the photos.

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