The Lego Batman Movie Batmobile and Joker Sets Revealed

Lego Batman Movie Batmobile

The Lego Twitter account has tweeted photos of two upcoming sets based on The Lego Batman Movie. These give us our first chance to see the minifigure versions of the redesigned Robin, Joker, Harley Quinn and Batgirl having seen the movie versions in pictures we posted yesterday.

The Batmobile itself looks like a great model, with big chunky tires and really nice dragster styling. It looks like there’s a good number of other minifigures included too, although Batman doesn’t look very different from how we’ve seen him in previous sets.

The Robin figure has the large eyes seen in the film, but rather than be actual lenses, these are printed on the front of a pair of googles. I guess that was to be expected, but it would have been great to see if they could really have made that work.

The Joker vehicle is a lowrider, which looks like it has suspension that might actually allow it to hop on it’s front wheels. It has a gold chicken as a hood ornament and traditional Joker purple and green styling.

The Joker minifig has just one sharp tooth sticking out to show off that he now has pointed gnashers, so hopefully there’s an alternate face on the back which shows him with a more menacing expression. Batgirl looks good in her purple and yellow suit, and Harley Quinn looks very detailed, complete with tiny roller skates.

Lego Batman Movie Joker Lowrider

No word when the sets will be released or what price they’ll be, but The Lego Batman Movie is in cinema’s February 2017. I expect will see more from the movie over the coming days.

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