Lego Birthday Cakes

Lego Birthday Cakes - Bricks

Today was the 5th birthday party for Noah, the star of many of our videos. Every year he picks what theme he wants his cake to be, leaving his mum to work out how she’s going to make it (extra challenging this year with a newborn to look after too). This time, he wanted Flash and Green Lantern, so she combined it with Lego to make the cake you see here, which I’m sure you’ll agree looks fantastic.

That made me wonder what other Lego birthday cakes people have done. Obviously there are those square ones that people make look like a giant brick, but what are the more creative people doing. Read on for my favourites.

The first is this Ninjago inspired cake from Yummy Thingy. I really like the middle tier on this one, as that’s a really simple technique which just works so well as a Ninja’s eyes, it’s no surprise I found something similar on most of the Ninjago cakes out there. I picked this one because it was all just so clean, with very straight lines and three very nicely done fondant figures.

Lego Birthday Cakes - Ninjago

Then we have this cake with a giant Batman. I found loads of Batman cakes and loads of Marvel and DC cakes, but none of them had a Batman with as much expression as this one. Not only does he look great, but it’s also a really clever mix of different characters, with Robin, Spiderman, Superman and Hulk all getting a look in. Again tho, just look at how perfect that Batman is.

Lego Birthday Cakes - Batman

Finally, no collection of Lego cakes would be complete without something from Star Wars, and this one from Tea Party Cakes was my favourite.  The printed logo seems like a little bit of a cheat, but the rest of it is just so clean. The tiny Death Star, Princess Leia’s perfect buns, the two suns and canyon of the bottom tier, and the complete collection of fondant characters – any Star Wars fan would love this, kid or not.

Lego Birthday Cakes - Star Wars

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