Massive List of new Lego Sets Released Today

60102 VIP Service

It’s June 1st, and lots of the summer Lego releases are officially here, with almost 100 new items hitting the UK Lego store today. It’s a staggering amount, and many of the sets I picked out in my Top 7 Summer Sets article are now available. The previously VIP only 21128 Minecraft Village is also now available to everyone (if you have a Minecraft loving kid and a lot of money).

Today also sees the official release of the new Lego City Volcano range, the flagship of which is 60124 Volcano Exploration Base which has lots of unique pieces and really builds a whole scene.

60124 Volcano Exploration Base

Science rocks with the Volcano Exploration Base! Featuring a volcano with eruption function, scientists and explorers get to discover the secrets of the lava. Set up the mobile operations centre complete with lab, fly the drone to plan the expedition and then use the excavator and dumper to place the ‘lava’ boulders in the rack and break them open to find the crystal elements. The set comes complete with a team of minifigure scientists, adventurers and back-up crew.

There’s also a bunch of other new Lego City sets with an air theme. These include the very nice 60104 Airport Passenger Terminal which includes a very large plane and a terminal that could maybe both be paired with the 76051 Super Hero Airport Battle.

60104 Airport Passenger Terminal

Then there’s the 60103 Air Show, which is also nice, but seems a little strange that you get two models that look almost identical within the same set. I know they’re going for a Red Arrows kind of thing, but it would have been good to have another style in there, especially since they also have the orange prop plane in there too.

60103 Air Show

And finally, the 60102 Airport VIP Service which is pictured at the top of this post. This is a really original idea for a set, with a private jet and limo, but I do wonder what kind of kids are going to be able to identify with that. A package holiday charter plane and packed airport bus would probably be better for most.

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