Top 7 Summer 2016 Lego Releases

Top 7 Summer 2016

Summer time is Lego time, with a significant number of new sets being released over the next 6-8 weeks. We’ve been trawling through the upcoming sets so we could bring you a list of the ones that caught our eye.

So without further delay, here are the 7 sets we’re most interested in picking up this summer (in no particular order)…

1. Lighthouse Point (31051) – £39.99

31051 Lighthouse Point

Following on from the Lakeside Lodge that we reviewed last week, this is another of those 3-in-1 Lego Creator sets that I like so much. An actual light, a whale (orca?) and the opportunity to combine with both the lodge and the Mountain Cabin, makes this another of those cheap little buildings.

2. Porsche 911 (42056) – £249.99

42056 Porsche 911

If you like your Lego accurate, this is the set for you. If you’re looking for a showpiece to put into a glass case and display as part of your love of all things sports car related, this is the set for you. If you have an awful lot of money to spend on Lego, this is the set for you. If you can ignore the price, this is a rare set – adults only.

3. Bucket Wheel Excavator (42055) – £179.99

42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator

If you like Technic but don’t have the bank for a Porsche, this 4000 piece set is the one for you. Not only is the model giant, but it also has motors with conveyor belts, moving wheels, spinning bits, sliding bits – you name it, it moves. Combined with the reasonable price, this comes on my wishlist before the car.

4. Big Ben (10253) – £169.99

10253 Big Ben

Speaking of giant, reasonably priced sets – this one is far bigger and more reasonably priced than anyone could have hoped for.  If you’re looking for a showpiece in your collection, this should certainly fit the bill. I just hope you have a sturdy, wide shelf with lots of headroom to put it on. With 4163 pieces, many of which look like 1 and 2 stud decoration, I also hope you have lots of patience, and that this comes in numbered bags – unlike the 4295 piece Tower Bridge.

5. Spiderman Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle (76057) – £99.99

76057 Spiderman Bridge Battle

Let’s now look at some of the sets more suited for playing with, and this is my top pick. Not only does it look great, but it’s also much more focussed than a lot of the super hero sets, with a single central structure on which all the other play experiences can hang. I can tell that Noah would love this set, and so will any other young Spiderman fan. The price is a touch high, but if many is no object, you could buy 2 of them and build the complete bridge.

6. What am I? (40161)

40161 What am I?

This is a really unusual set, a Lego version of Guess Who? with minifigs rather than the usual mix of bald and bearded men. I’m a bit concerned that there’s not enough slots to make the game a challenge, although I guess the variation in minifigs compared to the usual faces may resolve that. If you have a lot of other minifigs available, it could also be fun to each pick a selection at random for the other player to guess. No price on this one yet, but hopefully it’s coming to the UK soon.

7. Fun in the Park (60134) – £34.99

60134 Fun in the Park

This is what I wish Lego had done with the Disney minifigures. Don’t sell them in blind bags, just put them all in a box and sell it in one go with appropriate accessories. This collection of 15 minifigs is the first time we’ve ever had a proper Lego wheelchair, but it also contains a new style Lego baby too. They’d go really well with the excellent Ferris Wheel.

So that’s it. That’s our picks for the 7 sets we’re most looking forward to this summer. Is there anything you think we should have included? Anything you’ve particularly got your eye on? Let us know in the comments.

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