Rumoured UCS Millennium Falcon Re-Release (10179)

Lego Millennium Falcon 10179

There are some sets which are top of the wanted list for any serious Lego fan, and 2007’s 10179 Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon is up there for most. The minifig scale, 5197 piece set was only available for a couple of years, and has become a fan favourite due to the sheer size and majesty of it. Star Wars fans and Lego fans alike both want to add this set to their collection.

But since it’s been discontinued for almost 7 years, and they only made 20,000 of them, your only choice for buying one of these is eBay, Bricklink or similar, where even an open box, already built used model is at least ¬£1500. Brand new in box? Somewhere far¬†north of three grand!

So rumours of this set being re-released, perhaps with minor changes similar to last years Death Star re-release, are enough to get me excited. I saw this one over at The Brick Fan, who are quoting sources over at Eurobricks, and all of that seems to suggest that people who know what they’re talking about say that this one is coming soon, partly in celebration of Star Wars 40th anniversary.

I do think Lego should be capitalising on this and doing this kind of re-release more often. How about putting out some of the early modulars again, or the Taj Mahal? Yes it would affect the resale market, but much better that we got the enjoyment out of reasonably priced sets.

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