Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! Reviewed and SMASHED!

Lego Benny Spaceship All

Usually we build sets. In today’s video, we took an already built set and we SMASHED it. And we also put a hole in our table. Oops.

The Lego Movie was the surprise hit of 2014, it had no right to be as good as it was. It spawned a number of different sets in lots of different styles, partly because the movie touched on so many. But it was Benny, and his enthusiasm for building this spaceship throughout the movie, that lead me to buy this set. That, and it was going to be discontinued and Toys ‘R Us were selling them off cheap.

This is a 940 piece set which retailed for £79.99, which is 8.5p per piece. I was lucky enough to get this for £50, which is 5.3p, and just the kind of bargain that’s always worth keeping your eye out for.

Lego Benny Spaceship Side Ship

At 51cm long, the completed main model is a fair size, and will likely take you a leisurely couple of hours to put together. It has detachable winged flyers on either side, spring loaded blasters, a hidden control room, and when you push and pull on one of the rocket exhausts at the back then the wings can retract and extend. This has four minifigures, Benny, Robo Emmet, Space Wildstyle and Astro Kitty. It also comes with a second, smaller Robo Police Interceptor, with has a Robo Police minifigure pilot.

All in, the value here is very good, even at the original price point. There’s lots of things to open, and shoot, and extend. Lots of places for minifigures to go, and with the detachable ships, there’s essentially 4 models for kids to play with. It’s also big and looks ridiculous, which any kid would love. It’s a little too brittle in places, lots of the detail is attached with just a stud or two, so likely wouldn’t last through any significant space battle play session. Expect to be fixing it back together a lot.

Lego Benny Spaceship Cockpit

But I never did fall for it. It’s a little too flat, and a lot of it seems cobbled together in order to get it to a certain size design wise. Now that’s probably movie accurate, Benny did throw this together quickly, and it’s probably meant to feel like something a kid would build. But that randomness is what let’s it down for me.

As Noah will attest, I certainly have an air of Lord Business about me when it comes to my collection versus his. But that’s also why this seemed like the perfect set to smash. The antithesis of Lord Business’ plan to use the Kragle. And also I need to clear some room, with us building so many sets, storing them is becoming a real issue.

Plus, smashing things is fun. Be sure to check out the video for the full slow motion experience. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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