Daily Youtube Videos and a Request for Help

Lego Skrubz Video

Our Youtube channel is a big part of what we’re about, and we’re constantly trying to make it better. But the way Youtube works, getting viewers is about ranking well in search results, and then getting recommended when people view other Lego videos. But I’ll be honest, so far it’s not been going great, and most of our videos still have low viewer numbers and ranking. But rather than give up, I’m going to double our efforts, and do a video every single day this month and see what effect that has. That’s a lot more work between the filming and the editing, especially with a 3 week old daughter, but we want to make sure we do the best we can.

The first two days are below, and we think they’re both pretty good. We think most of our videos are pretty good. Not always, sometimes it doesn’t work out – but that’s why we keep doing them, so we can learn, and make them better.

If you like what we’re doing, make sure and subscribe to our channel. There’s a button on the right of this page to let you do just that. And if you think a video is good, chuck a thumbs up our way by clicking the icon below the video on the Youtube video page or posting a comment. All those interactions help tell their system that we’re worth recommending to others. And of course, you can recommend us to your friends manually as well!

Also, if there’s anything you’d like us to do, or anything you think can be improved, then just let me know through our contact page. This is a big learning experience, so I’m all ears.

Whether you come here to read our reviews and news, or are one of the almost 5000 people who have liked our Facebook page, or have already been enjoying our videos, thanks for taking this journey with us. Onwards!


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