Big Ben Available for Purchase, Beetle Coming Soon

Lego Big Ben Front

I’ve spent the last few weeks building furniture for a baby, so there’s not been much time for building Lego. But that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for two new Lego Creator releases, both of which scratch my itch for large display pieces.

The first is Big Ben (10253), which at £169.99 and 4163 pieces, is incredibly good value. It’s also gigantic, with the tower standing 60cm high. If you’re a VIP member, you can purchase it now at the Lego Online Shop, while non-VIP members will have to wait until July 1st. When I finally get my hands on this, I know it’s going to look awesome next to Tower Bridge (10214).

The second is the VW Beetle (10252), which was announced this week. At 1,167 pieces and £69.99, this is another excellent value Creator set.

Lego Beetle

In azure blue, and with a number of new pieces, this really is a unique set, and a great compliment to the VW Camper (10220) which is a set we’ll be doing a build and review of soon.

The VW Beetle comes with a surf board, cooler box, fabric towel, spare tyre and four different license plates so it can be from the country of your choice. You can see a full rundown from the designer of the set in the video below. There’s lots of great detail here, and some really interesting choices – a real fabric towel is a surprise.

At 29cm long, this is definitely a display piece, and it’s available for VIPs on July 14th and August 1st for everyone else.

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