Lego Cinderella’s Castle Rumoured

Lego Cinderella's Castle

A Lego Cinderella Castle could be on it’s way this September, at least according to all the Lego sites that are writing about the rumour today. CM4Sci has been dropping information across the web that 71040 will be a D2C version of Cinderella’s castle from Walt Disney World.

D2C sets are those exclusive ones that Lego sells directly to consumers through it’s own stores and website.

As a Lego fan and a fan of WDW, this has the potential to be an interesting set. But the problem with Cinderella’s castle, especially the one in Florida, is that it’s huge. There are smaller versions at other parks, but that’s seen as the definitive version, built when Disney was flush was cash and building something that size was much cheaper. Doing that justice in Lego is going to be tough, especially considering the poor showing of most of the D2C sets we’ve seen so far this year.

Can Lego pull this one off, and if they can, would you buy it? Comment and let us know.

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