Disney Infinity Discontinued… more brands for Lego Dimensions?

Disney Infinity

Disney have announced that they will be no longer producing any games in their “toys to life” Infinity series. They had already announced there would be no new game this year, just a large expansion pack, but it is a bit of a surprise that they’ve decided to completely exit the market. You can’t go into any toy shop and not see the large selection of Infinity figures on offer, and my understanding was that they were selling well.

How is this related to Lego?

Well Lego Dimensions is¬†obviously a newcomer into this arena, and is a combination of all the different brands that Lego have the licensing for – except for Star Wars and Marvel, because Disney was using them for the Infinity series. Hopefully this means that Lego will now get these licenses and later on this year we’ll be seeing Star Wars and Marvel level packs and figures. It’s certainly a hole in the current Dimensions line-up considering how popular those Lego brands are.

This is decision was no doubt made within Disney a while ago,¬†and these toys to life games tend to have yearly releases shortly before Christmas. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it announced by Lego later this year (perhaps at E3?) that they were expanding it with those characters.

At which point the amount of commercial licensing clout in that game will be quite something. And Lego understood at the start what Disney Infinity never did, these games need to be about story, and they need to let you put all of these brands together however you want.

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