Storing and Organising your Lego


As my collection has started to grow, displaying it all has become impossible. What you can see behind me in the videos is barely scratching the surface of what I have displayed elsewhere in the house. I’ve reached the point where the last big build I did, the Brick Bank, doesn’t actually fit next to my other modulars because there’s simply no more room on the table. That’s lead me to the conclusion that I’m going to have to start breaking apart older builds so that there’s room for new ones.

But how do I organise all the pieces that will be left, in a way that I can easily use them for my own custom builds?

After a lot of searching, there are three solutions that I think fit the bill, and seem to be the most common pieces used by Lego fans.

1. Draper Drawer Storage

Draper Drawers

For small amounts of pieces, these are your starting point. They come in various shapes and sizes, with differing numbers of drawers depending on how much you’re willing to spend. But overall, they’re cheap, and the different sized drawers means you have somewhere to put the larger pieces or pieces you have more of. Plus, they’re super easy to access around your build space.

2. Really Useful Boxes

Really Useful Boxes

For the next size up, Really Useful have a whole range of boxes with lids which you can stack. That means you should be able to provide a size that meets whatever you need. But the ones I’ve linked to here come with 3 layers of trays, each of which has a number of slots in different sizes. That means you can organise everything by type or colour, and easily access whatever you need. Since they’re strong and stackable, you can probably keep on going however height allows, or place them on shelves.

3. Ikea Trofast

White Trofast

Finally, for the larger pieces, or pieces which you have a lot of, or complete sets organised into ziplock bags, we have the Ikea Trofast system. Trofast comes in lots of different shapes and sizes, and you can mix and match the 3 different drawer sizes as you need them. The added advantage is the flat top, which means you can also use them as display space for completed builds.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration of how to store your Lego pieces/parts.

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