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Lego Creator Expert Carousel Announced

10257 Carousel Main

Announced today! It’s set 10257 – Lego Creator Carousel. This little beauty is available June 1st, and weighs in at 2,670 pieces. It will be available as a Lego store exclusive for a very respectable £159.99 in the UK and $199.99 in the USA. This will act as a great companion to the existing Ferris Wheel and is a nice replacement for the now retired, super expensive Carousel from 2009.

This does look like a fantastic looking set, and with the ability to upgrade it for motorised function as well, you’ll be well on your way to creating your own full theme park (with the Disney Castle in the middle of course).

Here are the bullet points from the Lego press release…

  • Includes 7 minifigures: a ride operator, mom, dad, boy, girl, grandmother and a granddaughter.
  • The Carousel features a large textile canopy, ornate, reflective rounding boards with blue and gold detailing, reflective center panels, two-level deck comprising a raised boarding platform with handrail and a main platform with five buildable animal rides, including a white swan and four moving animals: an elephant, tiger, flamingo and a frog.
  • Also features a sturdy, buildable base for easy transportation.
  • Buy your ticket at the booth, take the stairs to the boarding platform and choose your favorite animal ride.
  • Turn the crank and see the elephant, tiger, flamingo and frog move up and down as the carousel rotates.
  • Enjoy an ice cream, candy or a delicious hot dog as you watch the whirling carousel.
    Accessory elements include a camera, ice cream, candy and a hot dog in a bun.
  • New decorated elements include printed tickets and printed storybook tiles.
  • Includes lots of molded golden elements, reflective golden labels and medium-blue/dark-blue elements.
  • Motorize the Carousel with the LEGO® Power Functions 8883 medium motor and 88000 AAA battery box (not included).
  • Collect and build an entire fairground with the LEGO Creator Expert 10247 Ferris Wheel.
    Measures over 12” (32cm) high, 14” (38cm) wide and 13” (35cm) deep.

As is always the case with Lego reveals these days, there’s a designer video showing the whole thing off…

Framed Amsterdam Brick Facades


I love to see Lego being used for other artistic pursuits, and these framed Amsterdam Brick Facades are fab!

Natalia has a bunch of these on her site, and some of the smaller ones (like the windmill) are for sale. Would love to see the range extended to cover landmarks from across the world.

Check out all of them at

Do you know of any cool Lego art projects we should be aware of and could share with the world?

Happy Lego Friday Everyone


Happy Lego Friday everyone! Hope you have a whale of a time this weekend.

Special bonus points if you recognise the set I’m building in the background (clue: it’s not related to the whale). Post in the comments if you know it.

Lego Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator UK Discount


We reviewed the giant Lego Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator last year, and thought it was a fantastic build – but we just couldn’t get it working as smoothly as we would have liked.

Perhaps you can build it better than we did, and you can find out with 31% off at Amazon UK. That takes £58 off, and reduces it to £131. A great price.

My First Lego Minecraft Set


I’ve never really built any Lego Minecraft sets before, but I’d thought I’d give it a go. This is set #21114, The Farm. It’s actually quite a nice build, and although simple, creates a nice little play scene.

The good thing about the Minecraft Lego sets is that they’re all basic bricks, so very easy for small hands to put together. And they’re also very modular, allowing you to fit them together to create larger scenes.

The bad thing is that they’re very expensive. I don’t know if Microsoft are just charging them high license fees, but considering the basic bricks involved, the per piece cost seems higher than it should be.

I Built Four More BrickHeadz


I put together 4 more of the BrickHeadz – Batman, The Joker, Iron Man and Captain America. So cute, so collectible.

Each of them has a pink block in the middle of the head to represent their brain!!!

The construction is simple enough that the creative among you probably wouldn’t have problem inventing your own. If you do, send them over so we can all see them.

And if you’re looking for the best bang for the buck – The Joker had more pieces and was a more complex build than any of them. That hair is complicated.

5 down, 5 to go. £9.99 each. Lego Store exclusive. You know you want them.

Super Cool Lego BrickHeadz Robin


Hey, check out this super cool Robin from the new Lego BrickHeadz range!

Each of these is £9.99/$9.99/€9.99 and there’s currently ten of them to choose from – 4 from Batman, 4 from Marvel and 2 from Beauty and the Beast.

Took about 10 minutes to throw this together, very straightforward. It looks fantastic, and a great addition to your Lego room.

You do have one of those don’t you? It’s not just me? 😉

New Lego Ideas Winner announced – Women of NASA


New Lego Ideas Winner announced! Women Of NASA.

Totally surprised by the choice, but great to see. So different from the stuff they’ve picked before. And very relevant if you’ve seen the movie Hidden Figures (now in cinemas) which is about the unsung female heroes of the mission to send John Glenn into space and ultimately, to put man on the moon.

Paper Airplane Making Lego Machine


Want to see the most AMAZING Lego machine? Want your own creations to feel inadequate?

This Technic build can not only fold a piece of paper into an aeroplane – it can launch it too!!!

Greatest Lego Back to the Future DeLorean Ever


I LOVE Back to the Future. So when Lego released a Delorean set a few years ago, I had high hopes. But when it turned out to be a small, poorly detailed disaster – I was obviously disappointed.

It seems 지현 주 agrees, leading them to create this Lego DeLorean masterpiece. Be sure to check all of the photos and the INSANE detail this thing has. How do we get Lego to make this!!!