Humble Bundle Lego Book Set

The Cult of Lego cover

This is a Lego book bargain of epic proportions, the chance to buy 16 Lego books in PDF/EPUB format for justĀ $15.

This deal comes courtesy of No Starch Press and Humble Bundle, and is a “pay what you want” setup. Pay $1 and you get 4 books, pay $8 and get 6 more, pay $15 and get all 16. The deal is available until November 23rd, and your purchase of these DRM-free books will also help fund the charity of your choice.

The books available for $1 are…

  • The Lego Adventure Book Vol 1
  • Medieval Lego
  • Lego Build-It Book
  • Beautiful Lego

Those plus these for $8…

  • Lego Build-It Book Vol 2
  • The Cult of Lego
  • Lego Space: Building the Future
  • The Lego Technic Idea Book: Fantastic Contraptions
  • Incredible Lego Technic
  • Forbidden Lego

And all of those plus these for $15…

  • The Lego Architect
  • The Lego Christmas Ornaments Book
  • The Lego Mindstorms Book
  • The Lego Power Functions Idea Book
  • The Lego Neighborhood Book
  • Steampunk Lego

An absolute steal if you ask me.

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