Lego 76062 Mighty Micros: Robin vs. Bane Review

Lego 76062 Robin vs Bane Review and Timelapse Build

Another Mighty Micros set for you today, this time it’s the Robin vs. Bane set from the DC Super Heroes side. This is a 77 piece set which has an RRP of £8.99, but is currently selling at Amazon for £7.95.

This is the smallest Mighty Micros set we’ve come across so far, and those pieces snapped together in just a couple of minutes with very little fuss. From the point of view of a kid building them, this has certainly been the easiest and least fiddly. If you’re buying this because you enjoy the building stage, then you’re probably going to be disappointed with a build that is so quick.

However, it’s not a very stable final model. The nose cone on the Bane tunnel digger is especially shaky, and it fell off a few times as we were trying to record the end of the video. This is certainly something we’ve started to discover with all the Mighty Micros as Noah continues to play with them. They’re great little toys, but the small size limits them to being connected by single blocks and small connectors, making them quite brittle for kids at the low-end of the 5-12 age range they’re targeted at (and to be honest, those are likely to be the age range most interested in them).

I still can’t find too much fault at this price though. Noah continues to love them, and is still playing with all of the other sets we’ve done videos for. I don’t think you can have a better recommendation than that.

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